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Company profile

Kunshan Production Mold Co., Ltd. (KPMC) is a wholly-owned foreign funded enterprise in Kunshan China. It was solely funded by U.S. Shape Dynamics International with a total investment of 1.4 million U.S. Dollars and a registered capital of 1 million U.S. Dollars. Officially established in April, 2005, the company is mainly engaged in production and sales of a large variety of high-quality molds and tooling for the automotive industry for both Chinese and foreign markets and it provides the after-sale service and technical support as well.

To the southern side of the new 312 National Highway through Kunshan Wusongjiang Industrial Park in Jiangsu Proince, Kunshan Production Mold Co., Ltd. is situated in a strategic location with easy access to all kinds of transportation. It is only a 5-minute ride from KPMC to the entrance to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and less than one hour to Pudong New District. Since the establishment of KPMC, the parent company and other affiliated companies in the U.S. havebeen providing constant guidance and support to KPMC in both management and technical fields. As a result, the company has now developed strong technical ability and highly efficient management system. Currently, KPMC is staffed with 40 employees. Among the management team, 3 managers are from the U.S.A.. Having received extensive training in operations, all the employees in the facilities are able to complete assigned tasks on time and in satisfaction.

Occupying 1,700 square meters, the company boasts various advanced large CNC machines, all imported from the U.S.A. (See the attachment 1 and 2). The shop is well-equipped and ready for the production of automotive patterns, molds, and dies. Even though founded only a few months ago, KPMC has already successfully manufactured more than 50 wheel molds of various designs for world-famous automobile companies such as Ford and Chrysler.

KPMC’s parent company – Shape Dynamics Inc. is headquartered in the U.S.A. with several subsidiaries and affiliates including Anderson Global. (Formally named Anderson Pattern Inc. or AP), Production Mold Inc. and Global Initiatives LLC.

Anderson Global is a very experienced pattern, dies, and mold manufacturer and has been the main source of patterns and molds for Ford, G.M., Chrysler, Toyota, Nemak, and Delphi for many years. KPMC and its U.S. parent company are currently in discussion of sending American engineers to KPMC to train personnel there on the best processes for building molds and dies.

Kunshan Production Mold Co. and its U.S. parent company sincerely wish to cooperate with your company in future projects and would bring in more and greater success in the land of China with joint effort and common goal. Please accept the best wishes from our KPMC and Shape Dynamics Inc.

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