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EXT series-4 thread Over Lock mc-5214EXT-03--HR521

In the sand casting process, a sand mixture is packed around a master pattern, forming a mold cavity. The sand mixture is tamped down as it is added around the pattern. The pattern is removed leaving the mold cavity and molten metal is poured into the mold cavity. After the metal has solidified and cooled, the casting is separated from the sand mold. There is typically no mold release agent, and the mold is generally destroyed in the removal process.


· No Bake Mold Casting

· Blown Cores

· Amine, SO2 & Inorganic

· Gravity

· Low-Pressure Sand

· Metal Pump Rollover

Alloys/Metals/Heat Treat 

· Aluminum 

· 356-T6

· 355-T6

· 319-F

· 357-T6

· Magnesium

· Iron

· Ductile Iron

· Compacted Graphite Iron

· Steel

· Stainless Steel

Castings Range: 

· Ounces to 50,000 lb. Castings

Industries Served: 

· Automotive, Truck, Racing, Military, Marine, Aerospace

Sand Tooling Advantages

· Very Accurate Molds/Cores

· Dimensionally Accurate Castings

· Castings with Tighter Tolerances

· Smooth Surface Finish

· Cost-Effective Casting Process

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